Our Work

Here at Palmetto Upstate Group, we believe in quality over all else! Our professional teams will always put quality first. We strive to make sure that all aspects of the job are done correctly. The concept to completion comes from the first day we start design, to the years of landscape maintenance after and everything between. Our team will work with you every step of the way to make sure you enjoy your beautiful landscape for years to come.


I personally and highly recommend Dustin for his professionalism. His character goes with out mentioning. His ability to schedule, perform and deliver the results of his efforts are priceless. Service today has changed so much from the old days. Dustin takes a positive approach with the simple act of HONESTY and FAIRNESS. A MAN’S word and handshake are the tools that built this country and we could all definitely bring back some of those same attributes. Thank you Dustin for your service and performance.

— Victor Ryan

Communities We Service